Kronstadt focuses on historic events from XVII. century Transylvania.

This medieval city is at the outermost corner of the Carpathian mountains, where the Western world ends and the Eastern hoards constantly try to advance.


Four nations inhabit the land, each with their own set of laws and beliefs. In a world of fortified cities, ironless villages, handy craftsmen and gipsy fortune tellers, reality and superstition are oftentimes hard to distinguish.

History is usually written by the victors,

and the daily struggles of commonfolk are swept under the carpet.


But what if you had the chance to listen to a young woman being accused of witchcraft for trying to cure the upset stomach of a soldier who liked to drink a bit too much?


Or maybe help out a father of nine, who is bound to a life of farmwork, and is repeatedly being punished whenever he musters enough courage to take home a potato.

Life as we know it wasn’t so easy for these people 300 years ago,

and it took a lot more than bravery or luck to survive the challenges they were exposed to.


Nevertheless, history is going to keep repeating itself, until people learn to evade tragedies before they happen.

Will the nameless hero

become enlightened

and live to tell HIS-Story?


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