Music + Story = Magic

Loving moments amount to a loving day. Loving days amount to a loving year. Loving years amount to a loving life & we create our children in our own image.

Time is not important. Everybody moves through it. Is this good or is this bad? We always have the free will to react however we chose. What’s important to carry on through time & space?

There are no limits. Borders & Separation are illusion$. There are only level$ to the Gam€ called LIFE. Are you pla¥ing or are you $urviving?

I LOVE to open pandora’s BoxXxe$ with my inborn TalenT$ & that’s how my $kill$ D€velop into ART #777

Love and consciousness are universal powers present in every living & reproducing being.

After witnessing this short story with my own eyes (cheering for the protagonist all the way to the very end), I decided right there & then, that there is more to what we simply call “instincts”, way more… & that to share this story with the world!

On an August night, back in 2018, at a local music festival, I decided to quit smoking.

And the next day, the idea for this animation got born.

It took me nearly two years to figure out the root cause of my smoking tendencies, and to finish this animated story.

A childhood friend, WATZZY, becomes a musician!

When he started publishing his art, and one of my favorite songs of his, LEAN ON ME, needed a video, he asked for an animated music clip to be made.

He envisioned a man and a woman dancing on screen, and I  implemented the 7 colored chakras (animating to the music’s beat) in the spinal column of the dancers.

The result is more spacey than we would have imagined.